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We meet with you and your partner to become acquainted, to explore and discuss your priorities, desires, any concerns, and to plan how we might best work together. We will discuss your own best ways of coping with discomfort and fatigue and how you and your partner foresee working together and with us. Ideally the relationship begins a few months before the baby is due, but not always. During this time, we would establish a relationship that gives the mother complete freedom to ask questions, express feelings leading up to labor and birth, and take an active role in creating a birth plan. We are available to the mother and father by phone to answer questions or explain any developments that may arise in pregnancy. As midwives in training and many years of birth experience, we are knowledgeable in the medical aspect of labor and birth so can help our clients clearly understand their options so they can make decisions that are best for the them. 

** In order for you to have the skills, mindset and knowledge needed for a better birth experience, we recommend that you take Rachel Yellin’s childbirth class. Women who take her classes have more confidence, patience, and inner resources to manage most birth experiences. If you have yet to take a childbirth class, we recommend taking her series. If you have already taken a birth class either with this pregnancy or with a previous one, we still recommend highly taking her intensive. If you are not able to make the dates that she offers, you can schedule a 3-hour private course take her online class. Here is the link to her website:


Rachel’s Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Audio Relaxation Program comes with her classes. If you cannot take a class with her, please download the program. 

Use the code “mollymercy” to receive 20% off the program.

Jean trained with Evidence Based Birth® and is an official Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and Molly is educated with Evidence Based Birth. As part of our care, you will spend part of the two prenatal visits talking about evidence based care details and getting you prepared to actually get the kind of care that you want. We will do role plays and worksheets, and talk about the issues that parents face when they want evidence based care–because the problem is, if you decide you want evidence based care, it takes extra preparation! Evidence based care is usually an exception to the normal hospital routines. So, as an example, simple things such as eating and drinking during labor are evidence based, but many hospitals do not ‘allow’ parents to make decisions about these things. We’ll figure out how to navigate situations like that so you truly have options for getting what you need and want in your care.


Services Provided:

• On call support two weeks before and two weeks after your due date

• Two or three prenatal appointments 

• Phone and email support 

• Labor support from the time you us most to join you through birth and up to two hours after the birth

• Initial breastfeeding and new born care support

• Including and supporting the birth partner

• Two postpartum visits- The first visit is within 24-28 hours after the baby is born to check on breastfeeding before you leave the hospital or in your home. The second visit will be scheduled within two weeks postpartum.

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