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A postpartum doula focuses on the needs of the new mother as well as the newborn. She is there to nurture the mother by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling her to recover faster and feel more confident in meeting the challenges a new baby brings.


Each woman and her family have different needs that may even change from day to day. It is important that communication remain open, as clients’ needs or priorities may change with time or experience. We can anticipate these changes and will be prepared to remain flexible in the role.

As your certified postpartum doula and certified newborn care specialist, we provide overnight care for your baby while you get much needed sleep so that you can transition gently into new parenthood. Postpartum doula care is important for the whole family, whether you are having your first or third baby.


Services Provided:

  • Breastfeeding support (referral to a lactation consultant if needed)

  • Education on infant care including soothing and comfort skills

  • Support for emotional and physical recovery after childbirth

  • Foster family bonding

  • Spend time with baby so family will have time to peacefully rest

  • Organize nursery for optimal infant care

  • Shop for groceries and nutritious food preparation

  • Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

  • Phone contact as needed​​

  • Help with introducing new baby to your other children

  • Addressing baby sleep and dietary concerns

  • Providing referrals to resources that support you and your family

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