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Evidence Based Birth Workshops


Jean is really one of the first instructors in the Bay Area, and in the nation, to offer the three-hour Savvy Birth workshop for parents and the three-hour Savvy Birth Pro workshop for birth professionals. As you probably know, even when you educate yourself on the best practices for childbirth, it can still be really difficult to actually have the birth plan respected. These 3-hour Evidence Based Birth® workshops will teach you the exact steps you need to take in order to get the prenatal and birth care you desire. 

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define evidence-based care and know the differences between hospital standard procedures and evidence-based procedures.

  • Choose the most supportive provider and setting that will honor your core values and requests, and know how to talk with providers about the evidence.

  • Know the difference between midwifery-led and medical models of care and the statistics for hospitals in your area.

  • Understand how scientific evidence becomes practice, and how to find the latest research on hospital interventions and new baby care.

  • Discuss several solutions for obtaining birth goals in a less-than-supportive environment, and know how to humanize the birth room.

  • Define the concept of informed consent and refusal as well as understand the legal rights of birthing individuals.

  • In addition, you will receive handouts about hospital interventions and the research behind them, articles on use interventions and the spiral affect, and more.

In-Home Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth & Baby Care Education:

  • My in-home childbirth education classes involve three two-hour meetings customized to your needs. The meetings cover everything you want to know about the process of childbirth, evidence based care, information about hospital procedures involving you and your baby, information about hospital pain relief options, creating birth and postpartum plans, practice of pain relief measures, and more. Detailed pamphlets are provided at each meeting. The total cost is $500. In-home customized baby care education provides parents with tools that cover everything from nursery preparation, swaddling, breastfeeding techniques, cluster feeding, bottle choice and creating an optimal environment and practice for nighttime sleep. I am also available by phone to answer your questions as they come up. Detailed handouts are provided at our meeting. The total cost is $200.

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